Benjamin Harrison is a sound artist and musician based in London. His practice is rooted in exploration of space, place and sound. Be that the creation of environments through sound for the listener to occupy, the exploration and sonification of location through sound in situ, or the use of sound to draw one’s attention to and enrich their connection with their current surroundings,
an interest in the intricate and entwined relationships between sound and place themselves and their effects on one another is at the forefront of his work.

Taking great influence from the ideals of Fluxus; particularly the valuing of process over product and the use of chance as a creative tool. Generative practices are a corner stone of Harrison's practice, from simple experiments with dice and random number generators, to MIDI data generation through electrode pads and skin response.
   The influence of the Japanese world view of wabi-sabi is also a major component of his process, being extremely interested in imperfection & temporality, and achieving and exploring these themes through creative destruction. Harrison has developed a keen interest in the creative potentialities of destruction and the fascinating depth of character that imperfection and deformity can lend to the artistic practice.