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The Ecological Flaneur is a collection of work spanning multiple mediums and forms. It is a collection of text scores for listening, as well as video and audio work.

This project was a response to a brief that called for work exploring sustainability in artistic practice.

In David Wallace-Wells' book The Uninhabitable Earth he writes of how unresponsiveness towards the climate crisis is mostly due to a belief that “It is a crisis of the natural world, not the human one"

   Taking influence from Baudelair's notion of 'The Flaneur', one who wanders the city streets and immerses themselves in metropolitan life, I sought to subvert this concept and create a practice based in immersing oneself in nature and ecology in hopes to reconnect the 'human' and 'natural' worlds.

Text scores for listening are the perfect medium for this - individual acts of listening generate no waste, use no fuel, are entirely and unquestionably sustainable.
   The sound and video elements came later, as I began to incorporate some generative music practices into performances of the scores using a skin-response midi generator. this, combined with filming a performance of one of the scores, led to the body of work you see here. 

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