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(im)Material Witness II


The Crypt Gallery, London

(im)Material Witness II is a reworking of a previous installation work, (im)Material Witness (2023). 

The work takes the form of a sculpture exploring transference of meaning across time through sound and matter. Taking sound as found object and considering forms of non-human historical testimony, the work seeks to obfuscate linear temporal narratives in favour of a shifting, imbricated view. The piece aims to draw attention to sound’s ability to blur the lines of time, appearing, disappearing and reappearing irrespective of assumed temporal grounding. Sea glass collected from the coast of North Devon is resonated by a selection of folk tunes pertaining to the same region. The glass represents a reification of archival, transformative interactions with the world, forming a material history. These individual, discrete temporal indices are unified through embodiment of the sound.

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