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Not Looking At The Screen


London College of Communication

The concept for this piece came from a frustration with the online surrogacy for real world connection that occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic. Created for an online exhibition, I wanted to disrupt the expectation that this would be another instance in which we were being forced to look at our screens as a replacement for a tangible real world experience, and so wanted to do something in which the participant would be turned away from their screen and focused on the space they were occupying in reality. This gave me the idea of using the computer screen as a light to influence the quality of a room.

   The visual aspect of the work is rooted in colour theory and knowledge of the properties and influences of certain colours, while the sound consists of Isochronic Tones - a collection of frequencies which have different effects on the mind: Delta Waves (1 - 3 Hz) which promote deep sleep, Theta Waves (4 - 6 Hz) which promote reduced consciousness, Alpha Waves (8 - 12 Hz) which promote relaxation, and Beta Waves (16 - 24 Hz) which promote alertness.

Please view the video in full screen for full effect.

Best experienced with headphones.

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