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An Act of Deliberate Attention


The Crypt Gallery, London

AAODA is a work exploring our relationship with attention and distraction. Living within the attention economy, we must regard our attention as a limited and valuable resource, questioning to what and to whom we are willing to give it. However, increasingly our entertainment and consumption is algorithmically presented in front of us with little to no choice on the part of the consumer. What is lost through this is control and purpose on the part of the consumer, and this engenders an apathetic, unquestioning way of interacting with the world around us as a whole. AAODA is an attempt to question and subvert this. Taking inspiration from George Perec’s writings on the infra-ordinary, it is a work that attempts to bring awareness to impassive modes of attention by exploring the extreme inverse. The work consists of a spatialised recording of the four walls of the artist's living room over twenty four hours, and a book in which every single sound contained within said recording is catalogued. Red asterisks indicate a loss of attention during the listening process, confronting how easily our concentration can be broken, and how much effort must be expended to regain control.

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